About Us

Chris and Sharena Wilson Faith Foundation

chris and sharena wilsonMission – To equip youth with road maps as well as build roads to help them be successful. To forever serve the community through the building of faith, academics and athletics.

Objective – Our goal is to educate and open avenues for students to earn scholarships, grants, and other means towards a college education.

Slogan – Youth are just like film, all they need is a little exposure.

Motto – “If you reach for the stars, even if you fall short you end up high in the sky.”

We have done one event already, Chris Wilson Football Fundamentals Camp. We plan to do this event annually in Midland, MI at Northwood University. Next summer we plan to provide transportation for youth in the Flint, Saginaw, and Bay City area to participate as well.

We will also incorporate a fitness day (high school combine camp) next spring. This will be open to Juniors and Seniors in the Mid-Michigan area as well as other communities that host the event. Each athlete that attends will be required to provide their cumulative GPA, they will have their weight and height measured, they will also be tested in the 40 yd dash, vertical jump, broad jump, shuttle, bench press, and cone drill at their position (top performer of each drill of each position will be recorded and posted on the web site for extra exposure). Student athletes with certain GPA’s will be eligible to earn grants during this event.

Financially members of the Faith Foundation plan to raise enough money for a large enough endowment to operate the organization every year from the interest. This will enable us to run a 1st class organization creating not only avenues for youth, but income opportunities for the community.

About Chris Wilson, Founder of the Faith Foundation

chris wilsonChris was born and raised in Flint, MI. His education consist of Doyel-Ryder elementary school, Longfellow Middle school (currently closed down), Flint Northern High School, and Northwood University where he obtained a BBA in business administration ESPM (Entertainment, Sports, Promotion, Management). Participating in athletics since grade school, it was always Chris’s dream to become a professional athlete. After an outstanding college football career that dream came true. Chris played 2 years in the Canadian Football League winning the 2006 Grey Cup Championship with the BC Lions. In 2007 he signed with the Washington Redskins as a free agent and currently wears #95 as an outside linebacker. Through his experiences, Wilson, has figured out the science behind the lack of faith in an unsuccessful child and has learned the engineering behind strengthening the faith, mind, and paving the way of success for our children to follow.

Imagine being told in grade school, “Raise your hand if you know somebody who won the lottery.” After nobody in the gymnasium raised their hand the teacher follows by saying, “That’s the chance you got to make it to the pros.” When Chris, got older he realized he was taught he couldn’t make it before he was taught fractions. This is only the beginning of a dream crushing cycle that breeds an unmotivated, hopeless, and faithless mentality in our youth. These are the type of everyday situation and propaganda that fills Wilson with passion that fuels his vision for the community. Instead of telling youth what they can’t do, why not tell them what they can do. I figure if I fall short of reaching the stars, I’ll still end up high in the sky.


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